At KKAD we seek people who exhibit the following values:


You will never be able to solve a problem until you can look at the problem through the eyes of others


The act of tinkering with something to the point of discovery


Listening is often more important than speaking


Confidence without arrogance


Prioritizing honesty and openness in all dealings


Accountability in all areas of success and failure


While there are many creative and talented people in our field, talent and creativity aren’t always the values that determine success.  We look for people who possess the desire to continually improve themselves and make the world a better place as a result.

‘We choose to go to the Moon! We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard; because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one we intend to win.’
- John F. Kennedy, September 12, 1962.


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